Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict can be costly.  It can negatively affect morale, employee productivity, and if left unaddressed, can lead to wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment action.   Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

Research indicates that managers spend approximately 20% of their time working with personality clashes amongst employees.  Conflict management can’t be left to chance.  It is paramount to develop a conflict management program to deal constructively with conflict.

There are positive and effective ways to manage workplace conflict.  A uniquely designed system for your organization can be developed taking into account the many ways conflict arises and how it affects individuals in their roles.  If the conflict is already past internal solutions, a neutral party can be part of a collaborative solution.

Contact me to assist with the development of internal procedures to address workplace conflict as soon as it arises, or if past that point, to assist as a neutral third party to facilitate a collaborative solution to the conflict.